Cottesloe Primary is fortunate to run an outstanding Visual Arts and Music program.

Visual Arts

Cottesloe Primary is an exciting, challenging and inspirational place for your child to learn.  Our Visual Arts Program is alive with experiences that promote the enquiring mind, the love of learning and the joy of succeeding.

Cottesloe primary School’s Visual Arts Program incorporates all three fields or art, craft and design. Students will engage in a journey of discovery, experimentation and problem solving that will develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours as described in the Western Australian Art Curriculum.

What children will learn…

From Pre Primary to Year 2

Students make artworks in different forms to express their ideas, observations and imagination, using different techniques and processes.  They are able to communicate about artworks they make and view, discussing how and why they were produced and why they are displayed in this manner.

Year 3 and 4

By the end of year 4 students are able to discuss similarities and differences between artworks they make, display and view.  They are able to discuss how they and others communicate ideas visually.  Through collaboration they are able to plan artworks that are influenced by traditions and practices of artworks they experience.

Year 5 and 6

By the end of year 6 students will have refined their knowledge of how ideas and intentions are communicated.  They will have built on their knowledge, understanding and skills, focusing on subject matter and properties of different material, technologies and styles.

At Cottesloe Primary have a fantastic purpose built art room with an adjoining outdoor work and display area.  We offer your child opportunities to express ideas, experiment with an enormous variety of materials and engage in a fantastic array of art processes.  There are great opportunities for your child to be involved in community competitions and exhibitions, not to mention our annual Cottesloe Primary Visual Arts Exhibition in term three each year.

Great experiences and opportunities await your child.

Visual Arts Specialist

L Jones


Music Program

Classroom Music Teachers Amanda Oliver and Sarah Orton are passionate musicians and educators who love to inspire students through the arts, particularly music.

Cottesloe Primary School students are exposed to a dynamic and rich WA Music Curriculum experience. Learning through music at Cottesloe Primary is engaging and fun while practicing the existing whole school learning culture of critical and creative thinking. Students are encouraged to meet their creative and expressive potential through making music through singing, playing percussion instruments and the widely popular classroom ukulele program and Musical Futures program.

Cottesloe Primary students are encouraged to express themselves musically as well as respond to the music of others. Students draw upon their own traditions and experiences and learn about those of others in a fun environment that meaningfully integrates with many cross curricular links to visual art, science, mathematics and HASS.

Performance opportunities include assembly items, whole school singing, choir performances on and off campus, Term 4 Rock Band, Year 6 Musical and more.

The School of Instrumental Music offers small group instrumental tuition to Gifted and Talented Cottesloe Primary Students through weekly brass, classical guitar and clarinet lessons with this opportunity continuing throughout high school with selected students often leading to entry to specialist music high schools and ensembles