Lunch Orders

The P & C offers a Lunch Order service on Monday and Friday (through Gourmet To Go, Mosman Park) and on Wednesday (through Wok ‘n’ Roll). Both menu’s are available below.

Please make sure your child’s name, year and room number are clearly written on the envelope, along with food and drink choices and the money is securely placed in an envelope and then posted through the slot in the desk situated outside the Library.  Lunch orders close in the morning once the first siren has gone. Currently this service is only available to Year 1 and above (not Kindy and Pre-Primary).

Wok and Roll – (08) 9384 5697

Wok and Roll lunches can be ordered on Wednesdays only.

6pieces, Chicken Sushi.
Chicken, Avocado and Cucumber. Dairy Free.
6pieces, Tuna+Mayo Sushi.
Cooked Tuna, Mayonnaise, Avocado, Cucumber and Capsicum. Gluten Free.
6pieces, Avocado Sushi.
Avocado and Cucumber. Dairy Free and Gluten Free.
6pieces, Fresh Vegetable Sushi.
Fresh vegeatable Sushi.
8pieces, Chicken Sushi.
Chicken, Avocado and Cucumber. Dairy Free.
8pieces, Tuna+Mayo Sushi.
Cooked Tuna, Mayonnaise, Avocado, Cucumber and Capsicum. Gluten Free.
8pieces, Avocado Sushi.
Avocado and Cucumber. Dairy Free and Gluten Free.
8pieces, Fresh Vegetable Sushi.
Fresh vegetable Sushi.
Hot Meal, Teriyaki Chicken.
Chicken and Steamed Rice. Dairy Free, Teriyaki Sauce containing a dash of Tomato, Garlic and Ginger.
*All Sushi contains sesame seeds.
Hand Rolls, Fresh Vegetable $4.50
Hand Rolls, Tuna, Mayo and Cucumber $4.50
Hand Rolls, Katsu Chicken and Cucumber $4.50
Rice Paper Rolls (2 pieces), Vegetable $4.00
Rice Paper Rolls (2 pieces), Chicken $4.50
 Harvey Fresh
Orange, Apple, Tropical Fruit or Ribena
Call 9384 5697 between 7am – 11.30am for late orders.

Gourmet to Go – (08) 9384 1300

Lunch Order Price List

Gourmet to Go lunches can be ordered on Mondays and Fridays.

Chicken $4.00 BERRI JUICES (400ML)  
Ham $4.00 Apple $2.50
Tuna $4.00 Orange (100% Juice) $2.50
Salad: Carrot,lettuce, tomato, cucumber $4.00 Pineapple $2.50
Salad Plate: Chicken or Ham salad $4.00 Apple & Blackcurrant $2.50
Cheese $2.80 Multi-V $2.50
Vegemite $1.80    
Egg $3.00 JUICE BOXES  
Extras:   Orange $1.50
Cheese $0.60 Orange and Mango $1.50
Salad $0.50 Apple $1.50
Toasted $0.50 Tropical $1.50
Mayonnaise $0.40    
Tomato Sauce $0.20 Full Fat Milk (300ml) $1.00
Sausage Roll: Meat from Pronto Butcher $3.00 Yoghurt: Plain, Strawberry or Apricot $1.90
Hotdog: Pronto sausage in a Bakers Delight Roll $3.00 Sultana Box $0.90
Hot Chicken Roll with mayonnaise $4.50 Apple $1.20
Homemade Lasagne $4.00 Banana (Seasonal) $1.20
Rice Paper Rolls:
Chicken (2pcs) or Vegie (3pcs)
$5.50 Fruit Cup in Natural Juice $1.20
Fried Rice with Bacon, Egg & Vegies   Please write the following information on an
envelope:1. Name of child
2. Room Number
3. Lunch order itemsPlease put in the correct amount of money in the
envelope and place in the Order Box by 9am on
Mondays and Fridays.
small (300ml)
medium (500ml)
Fried Noodles: Chicken & Vegies  
small (300ml)
medium (600ml)
Tuna (6 pack)
Chicken (6 pack)
Please write an alternative as Sushi is not always available.