Lunch Orders

Quickcliq Lunch Orders with IGA

Lunch orders are back – and they have gone digital!
Cottesloe Primary School parents can now enjoy the convenience of online lunch orders via QuickCliq. The online system is Department of Education approved.The simple online system is up and running and parents can now go on online and commence placing orders for Monday and Fridays only.   IGA Mosman Park are our supplier and have come up with a healthy and diversified menu which is attached.  We are planning to have Wok and Roll online also.  Until notified, please continue to place orders for Wok and Roll via the lunch desk as normal.

2021 Lunch Menu IGA

It is easy to sign up:

Select Sign Up and complete the registration form
Receive a confirmation email with activation link
Activate your account and login to the website
Add a student and nominate Cottesloe Primary School. You will need to add Name, Year, Room number, Teacher 
Order whenever you like

To place an order:


Enter your login and password to login to the website
Select a Child
Select a Date (Monday and Friday only)
Select Meals you would like to order for your child and add them to your cart
Confirm the Order and Click “Pay and Place Order”
You will receive a confirmation email. You can double check your order by clicking either the “Active/Cancel Orders” or “Transaction History”

The contact for the online system is Teisha Hoyer 1300 116 637 7.30am Monday-Friday or email  Parents can pay via Paypal, credit card or direct deposit (fee free). The only cost to parents is 19c to place the order (online system charge) and cost of lunch ordered.  Please note, online orders close 9.15am on Monday and Fridays and the online system will not allow you to place an order after this time. But you can be super organised and pre order your lunch orders for the week over the weekend or at anytime.  Further information including FAQ’s here.