STEM/ICT (Technologies)

Design Technology with Mr Doig (Design and Science Specialist)

The D&T program integrates the STEM curriculum to give students a unique hands-on learning experience. Students in years 2 – 6 engage in one model-making task every year. Each project combines content from the Design Technologies and Science curriculum to produce a physical model that accompanies a written inquiry.  

These projects that are specifically designed for Cottesloe Primary School have undergone years of development and modification by Mr Doig to ensure students have access to the latest technology in the elaborate world of modern manufacturing.    

Digital Technologies

At Cottesloe we aim to raise the profile, knowledge and integrated use of ICT and STEM skills across the curriculum. 

We support teachers to develop and embrace digital capabilities, and effectively integrate these technologies into teaching and learning, providing authentic opportunities for students to grow in an increasingly complex world.

Our school is resourced to provide access to an increased number devices/technologies for students to use as a tool for learning. 

Importantly, we aim to build ethically responsible students of digital technologies and provide them with the knowledge of how to engage safely online.