Cottesloe Primary School

The school also offers a number of enrichment programs, offering further opportunities for students who display particularly high levels of skill or talent in academic domains, artistic aptitude or sporting abilities.

At Cottesloe Primary School we offer an innovative Critical and Creative Thinking program to our high achieving students in the Early Years of Schooling. At the end of our first ten week course we asked the students to reflect on their learning and write down some thought about the program.

“I enjoyed The Thinker’s Keys because it was like a springboard for creative thinking and it made me use less logical reasons.  I like how it makes you sit and think for more creative ideas in a fun way.  My favourite Thinker’s Key was the BAR (bigger, add, replace) because it let me show my creative mind and how everyone uses their creative minds and it really inspired me to think creatively and how it was really fun.” Ariz Yr 3.

“One of the hardest things we do is putting ourselves in other character’s shoes.  Sometimes we have to ask questions as if we were the character.  I find critical and creative thinking wonderful.” Leon Yr 3.

Many students participate in the North Metropolitan Education Region’s Primary Enrichment and Academic Challenge (PEAC) courses.