From the Principal

Cottesloe Primary SchoolThank you for viewing the Cottesloe Primary School Website and welcome to the 2017 school year.  And what an exciting year 2017 will be!

Cottesloe Primary School starts 2017 with an opening enrolment of just over 360 students.  This is an increase from 2016.  A major event this year, respecting our traditions, is the school celebrating it’s 120th year.  There are a number of events planned to take place thoughout the year, including tree plantings, a Fun Run and a special social event.  I encourage you to keep an eye on the website to be informed of these events as well as keeping up with what our students are doing in class and across the school.

A very visible change taking place is the $1.1 million Administration upgrade.  The new facility will provide an improved office environment and much improved ICT services for staff and students to use.  The upgrade will bring our school into the 21st Century and reflect the the significant place our school has in the community.

We have a highly skilled team of teaching and support staff who are united in their goal to bring the best out in our students.  In 2017 we focus on developing strategies that will enhance the teaching and learning of Writing, Spelling and Phonics.  The staff are continuing to target Numeracy and will be working, together with other experts, to enhance teaching skills and knowledge in this area.  The Critical and Creative Thinking Enrichment Program is a highly regarded program running across the school.

This year we are able to offer specialist instruction to our students in the following areas:
Japanese Language     Year 1 to Year 6
Physical Education       Pre-Primary to Year 6
Music                             Pre-Primary to Year 6
Visual Arts                    Pre-Primary to Year 6

Cottesloe Primary offers a broad and inclusive curriculum to our students.  I am very proud of our school and the achievements of our students.  Enjoy our website and please contact the school to find out more about our programs or how we can meet your son’s or daughter’s educational needs.

Graham Dart