From the Principal

Thank you for viewing the Cottesloe Primary School Website and welcome to the 2021 school year.

Cottesloe Primary is committed to offering all students pathways to future success.  Our Goal is to offer students pathways to future success through a quality, innovative and inclusive education, an education that delivers excellence in learning, develops critical and creative thinking and fosters strength of character.

Cottesloe Primary is often described as having the atmosphere of a small country school because of our beautiful grounds and the high level of community engagement. Staff work closely with parents and care givers to ensure our students receive a broad and inclusive quality education that will engage and challenge.

Our school Values are:

Excellence:            High expectations for all students and staff.

Integrity:               Always staying strong to our school values.

Respect:                Demonstrate dignity, compassion and consideration for ourselves and others.

Perseverance:       Demonstrating the effort to do something even if it is difficult.

Kindness:              Demonstrating qualities of friendliness, generosity and consideration.

All staff work with parents and partner with community groups and clubs to develop the whole child. Cottesloe Primary is a smaller school by design, giving staff the opportunity to get to know your child and their family, which contributes to building strong relationships that optimize learning outcomes for students.

Cottesloe Primary School opens the 2021 School Year with an enrolment of 351 students, close to the school’s capacity. We have a highly skilled team of teaching and support staff who are united in their goal to support all students to be the best they can be.

2021 sees the commencement of the new, three year Strategic Plan. Building on past successes we continue our focus on Reading and Oral Language. We will continue to focus on the teaching of Mathematics. Aboriginal history and culture is a new focus and will support our renewed emphasis on STEM skills and on Critical and Creative Thinking. Cottesloe Primary has developed a culture of high expectations and a culture of improvement and it is vital that if we are to maintain and improve our high academic standards, we need to continue to reflect on and refine our programs.

Our Leadership program for our Year 6 students, sees children involved in genuine projects and roles which help them develop civic, personal, organisational skills and attributes. The Year 6 Leadership Camp takes place in week 2 of Term 1. 
Cottesloe Primary’s Mindful Breathing Program involves students practicing techniques that have proven to develop focus, emotional regulation and wellbeing.  We want students to understand how their brain works and how they can make choices about what to focus on and to choose positive thinking.
There are numerous before and after school programs offered by outside agencies on-site, including Camp Australia, who offer quality before and after school care.

This year we are able to offer specialist instruction to our students in the following areas:

Japanese Language:                Year 2 to Year 6

Physical Education:                  Pre-Primary to Year 6

Performing Arts/Music:           Pre-Primary to Year 6

Visual Arts:                                Pre-Primary to Year 6

Design and Technology:          Year 1 to Year 6

There are also many opportunities for parents and/or grandparents to be involved in our classroom; from assisting with the Multi Lit program or helping on class excursions; to covering or shelving books in the library.  All support is appreciated.  Our School Board is very pro-active and supportive, offering valued guidance to the School Executive.  The Parents and Citizens Association is very active and dynamic thanks to the ideas and energy of its membership. It is the parent and family involvement in our school that makes us unique in the area.

Cottesloe Primary offers a broad and inclusive curriculum to our students.  I am very proud of our school and community, our development and the achievements of our students.
Enjoy our website and please contact the school to find out more about our programs or how we can work together to meet your son or daughter’s educational needs.

Graham Dart