Pastoral Care/Positive Behaviour Expectation

The School has a Pastoral Care Policy, which incorporates Good Standing and Behaviour Management Policy.

School Psychologist and School Nurse

The School Psychologist and School Nurse visit the school regularly.

Dental Clinic

The School Dental Service provides free general and preventative dental care for all enrolled students up to Year 11.

Students at this school attend the Swanbourne Dental Therapy Centre, located in the grounds of Swanbourne Primary School, Narla Road, Swanbourne 6010.

Parents are responsible for transporting their children to the centre, which operates from 8.15am to 4.30pm Mon-Fri and during most school holidays.

Your child will receive an appointment card at some stage throughout the school year.

Contact the Centre
Swanbourne Dental Therapy Centre
Swanbourne Primary School
Narla Road, Swanbourne 6010.
T: 9384 0855

Emergency Information

Occasionally, an emergency arises when it is imperative that the school is able to get in touch with you or a person designated by you. Your co-operation in keeping us up to date with the following is necessary:

a)  Address
b)  Telephone numbers – work and home, especially mobile numbers.
c)  Emergency contact persons (at least one who lives locally).

In some cases of sickness, children need to go home. If you were contacted, it would be appreciated if arrangements were made to pick your child up promptly.

If your child is not well, please do not send him or her to school.

Infectious Diseases

In most cases, regulations covering these require exclusion from school for seven to fourteen days from the onset, unless a doctor’s certificate is produced.

Chicken Pox – Six days after onset of blisters (if well).

Conjunctivitis – Until eye discharge has ceased.

Head Lice – Until effective treatment has been instituted.

Measles – Seven days from appearance of spots (if well).

Mumps – Nine days after onset of symptoms.

Ring Worm – Exclude until day after treatment commenced.

German Measles – On recovery or four days after onset of rash.