Cottesloe Primary School

Welcome to the Cottesloe Primary School library.  Our library was renovated in 2015, with fantastic new shelving to help make reading and using the library much more enjoyable.  It is a bright, well resourced, busy place, staffed from Tuesdays to Thursdays, and used on other days by students and staff for small group work, TV watching, research and meetings.

We have a fantastic range of fiction and non-fiction books, audio books, DVD’s and graphic novels available for students to borrow.  All children across the school, from Kindy to Year 6 are able to borrow books for a week at a time.   Children can change their books more frequently if they prefer, or renew them.  Kindy and Pre-Primary can borrow 1 book per week, Year 1-5  can borrow 2 books, and Year 6 can borrow 3 books.  Please make sure your child has a sturdy library bag to protect their books.  These are available from the Uniform Shop.

Please make sure you know when your child’s library day is and encourage them to share their books with you, even the older students.  There has been a lot of research which shows that reading to your child, even long after they can independently read, helps them with all areas of learning. Dr Margaret Merga, lecturer at ECU has spent time researching reading aloud to 8-11 year old children and found that they miss this reading aloud time with their parents.  So give it a go!

Thursday lunchtimes are noisy and busy, as children are able to come into the library to play board games, play Lego, read, draw, colour in, or just chat.

Book Week is celebrated each August with displays, visits to the Grove Library to hear author talks, and a dress up parade (find easy, low cost costume ideas here ).  The theme for 2022 is ‘Dreaming With Eyes Open’, Where will reading take you this year? 

Parents are always welcome to visit the library, just to have a look, to help shelve books or assist in covering new books.  Volunteers are important in helping the library function smoothly, please pop in to see how you can help.