P&C Association Roles

Please find below an outline of the structure of our school P&C Association which is a member of WACSSO (The West Australian Council of State School Organisations).
If you have any questions about any aspect of a role or would like to know more about becoming involved, please feel free to contact a current member or email  presidentcott@gmail.com. We’re always happy to chat and new members are welcome!
How does the P&C Association work?
The Cottesloe Primary School P&C Association meets once a term for a General P&C meeting. Occasionally, there will be an executive meeting prior to the general meeting to ensure a clear agenda is set and that executive members can check on matters, especially if they are new to their role.
Meetings take place on different days and times to allow for the availability of general members who are juggling work and young children. Ideally, we alternate between morning and evening dates. The duration of most meetings is one and a half hours maximum and we aim to make them as enjoyable as possible.
Joining the P&C is a wonderful opportunity for parents to make a difference to their children’s school environment and it is also a great way to meet others who care about the school community. Cottesloe Primary School Association has achieved many fantastic projects over the years and is a vital link between the school and families. Your participation can help shape the place where your child spends so much of their childhood. The P&C Association is currently made up of a diverse team of parents who lend their time, energy and skills to ensure Cottesloe Primary School continues to provide a fantastic learning environment, free and open to all.
The main role of the P&C Association is to:
  • Give parents an opportunity to learn about school policies and programs
  • Involve parents in shaping the school community 
  • Provide a voice for parents and students by maintaining positive relationships between the P&C and school administration
  • Bring parents together to share information and views 
  • Organise social events to build a strong sense of community
  • Raise funds and provide additional resources for the benefit of the students
  • Support all the amazing services that the school community provides such as – lunch orders, school banking, library duty, sports training, green scene, Cottfathers, lost property, busy bees, Multi-lit tutoring, community events..etc..
P&C Association Executive Office Bearers & Roles (to be held for a period of two – three years maximum)
Acts as a public representative for the P&C 
Liaises regularly with the school principal 
Attends school board meetings on behalf of the P&C
Oversees the P&C Executive and sub-committees
Ensures efficient communication exists between members of the P&C and the School
Ex officio member of all sub-committees
Sets the agenda and chairs P&C general and executive meetings 
In reality – The ‘big job’. Can be time-consuming but a great way to really contribute to the school community and have a positive impact. 
Vice President
Assists the President with the above and chairs meetings in the president’s absence
In reality – Crucial role to support the ‘big job’ by lending advice and helping out whenever possible. Role can be shared.
Collects and distributes P&C Association mail
Manages the P&C documents
Maintains a register of all members
Ensures registration forms are available for new members
Provides proper notice of upcoming meetings
Distributes agenda, set by chairperson, before meetings
Takes attendance and minutes at meetings
Ensures the Treasurer has been reminded to prepare financial reports
Records exact wording of motions and amendments as they are presented.
In reality – Typically well-organised. Keeps everyone on track and provides a friendly point of information for members.
Receives all monies due and payable to the Association
Banks all monies received
Issues receipts for all monies received 
Maintains adequate books of account
Pays accounts as authorised by a general meeting
Prepares and presents a written report to each general meeting
Notifies the P&C executive committee of any potential financial problems
Prepares the books of account for the annual audit
Prepares floats for fundraising events.
In reality – Takes care of all the money and ensures it is well looked after.
Fundraising sub-committee (minimum two – can be split by events)
Form a sub-committee, of more than two members, to plan fundraising events and promotions.
Present events and promotions to the P&C members for approval at P&C meetings
Provide a clear budget for proposed events based on adequate research and planning
Organise and deliver events
Ensure events are well advertised to the school community
Liaises closely with P&C executive to ensure all aspects of events and promotions are clearly communicated.
In reality – Party People!!! This is the one for you. Most of the P&C executive have done this role at one point or another and have all lived to tell the tales.
It’s all about teamwork and having fun. Easier than planning weddings – on a par with birthday parties – just bigger!
Uniform Shop Coordinator 
Source uniform items from suppliers
Research new items and request samples
Liaise with suppliers and place orders
Maintain stock and check on supplies
Manage uniform shop
Open for general sales once fortnightly
Deliver paid uniform orders to students
Report sales and stock to P&C Executive
Manage funds with P&C Treasurer
In reality – The unsung hero job – the management of the uniform shop is a big undertaking and involves not only great organisational skills but much patience with parents who forget that it is a voluntary role and not a branch of a 24 hour Target. We take our ‘faction’ hats off to you!!!!!
Executive Members (minimum two)
Provide support to the key roles of President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer
Assist fundraising team at large events
Attend meetings to ensure a minimum number of attendees
In reality – this is perfect for those who are shy about leaping into the title roles. A great way to start on the P&C. Also a good position for more seasoned members who have lots of experience to pass on but who have already contributed enormously to the P&C. 
CottFathers sub-committee
Plan and organise social events for school fathers & father-figures.
Assist with large P&C events – sausage sizzles etc…
Provide a point of contact for new dads and families
Coordinate the annual CottFathers Camp
A CottFather representative attends P&C general meetings or submits a report 
Present motions to the P&C for approval when necessary (for large events such as Camp Out)
In reality – a great way to be involved in your children’s school life and pass some time with other dads. Role can be shared.