Teaching Staff

Subject to confirmation at beginning of Term 1 2020.

Kindy Blue
Mrs Brooke Barnett  and Mrs Carmen Zlnay (Wed)

Kindy Green
Mrs Amanda Duckworth  and Mrs Carmen Zlnay (Wed)

Pre-Primary 11A
Ms Ceira Van Kuyk and Mrs Amanda Duckworth (Wed)

Pre-Primary 11B
Mrs Cath Bestley and Mrs Brooke Barnett (Wed)

Year 1 Room 4
Ms Vicki Green

Year 1  Room 5
Miss Sarah Welsford

Year 2 Room 3
Mrs Caroline Brades

Year 2 Room 1
Ms Denise Johnston and Mrs Andrea Macfarlane

Year 2/3 Room 2
Mrs Sue Dwyer

Year 3 Room 9
Ms Nickie Jones

Year 4 Room 7
Miss Beth Whitehead

Year 4 Room 8
Mr Shaun Mansfield and Miss Amanda Oliver

Year 5 Room 16
Mrs Jane Lowther and Mrs Linda Visser

Year 5/6 Room 14
Ms Aleisha Niebieszczanski

Year 5/6 Room 15
Mr Darren Taylor

Art Specialist Teacher
Ms Louise Jones

Music Specialist Teacher
Ms Amanda Oliver

Performing Arts Teacher
Ms Sarah Orton

Physical Education Specialist Teacher
Mr Shaun Mansfield

Japanese Specialist Teacher
Mrs Jemma Spicer