Teaching Staff

Subject to confirmation at beginning of Term 1 2022.

Kindy Blue
Mrs Brooke Barnett 

Kindy Red
Mrs Carmen Zlnay 

Pre-Primary 11B
Mrs Amanda Duckworth

Pre-Primary/Year 1 11A
Ms Ceira Van Kuyk 

Year 1 Room 4
Ms Vicki Green

Year 1  Room 5
Miss Sarah Welsford

Year 2 Room 2
Mrs Caroline Brades

Year 2 Room 1
Ms Denise Johnston (M-W) and Mr Shaun Mansfield (Th-F)

Year 3 Room 3
Miss Shelby Wilmot

Year 3 Room 9
Ms Aleisha Niebieszczanski 

Year 4 Room 7
Miss Bethaney Whitehead

Year 4 Room 8
Mr Brendan Kennedy  (M-W) and Mr Courtney Bridge  (Th-F)

Year 5 Room 16
Mrs Michelle Proud

Year 5/6 Room 15
Mrs Jane Lowther (M-T) and Mrs Linda Visser  (W-F) 

Year 6 Room 14
Mrs Sue Dwyer 

Visual Art Specialist Teacher
Ms Louise Jones (T-Th)

Music/Performing Arts Specialist Teacher
Ms Sarah Orton (T-Th)

Physical Education Specialist Teacher
Mr Shaun Mansfield (M-W)

Japanese Specialist Teacher
Mrs Jemma Spicer and Ms Jennifer Wilson (M-T)

Design and Technology Specialist Teacher
Mr Ben Doig (T-Fri)

ECE Support and DOTT Provider 
Mrs Catherine Bestley (M-W)