Kindergarten Overview

Cottesloe Kindergarten offers a balanced developmental program that caters for the physical, emotional, social, cognitive, language and creative needs of each child. Children learn through play, therefore activities are play based.

Play is an accepted and valued part of the Early Childhood Program. The children participate in activities in the following areas to achieve the goals of the curriculum frameworks:

  • Language – talking, listening, comprehension, phonological awareness.
  • Maths – counting, sorting, classifying, and measuring.
  • Music & movement, songs, finger plays & instruments.
  • Large muscle activities – running, climbing, throwing etc.
  • Small muscle activities – cutting, drawing, playdough
  • Social sciences – the world near home and faraway,
  • Care, concern and awareness of nature,
  • Technology – interactive whiteboard use – Seesaw
  • Social and emotional developmental program.

Our program aims to provide a wide variety of experiences for the children. They will explore the areas of painting, creating with recycled materials, investigating puzzles, blocks and other manipulative equipment, home corner, playing with dough/clay.

They will also experience large and small groups, e.g. discussion time, music & movement and story time. The children will gain control over large and small muscles, learn co-operation with others, understand facts about the world around them, use their imagination and creative ability, and respect the rights of others.

Our primary concern is to make the Kindy an enjoyable place where your child will feel safe and happy to learn and develop at his/her own pace.