Cottesloe Primary School recently decided to reinstate a specialist Physical Education teacher. Research indicates that regular exercise can significantly improve an individual’s health and well being. Evidence suggests it can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and improve mental performance as well as strengthening bone, joint and muscle functioning. Cottesloe Primary School recognises this variety of benefits for it’s student clientele and is excited to observe these improvements as the students develop from childhood into their teenage years.

Our Physical Education program provides students from Pre-Primary through to Year 6 an opportunity to experience a wide range of sports and activities. Students in the junior years (Pre-Primary – Year 2) will focus on developing their fundamental movement skills which are required for everyday life. Senior years (Years 3 – 6) will look at integrating fundamental movement skills into a range of different challenging and competitive sporting scenarios. Each year, there are various sporting opportunities that students are able to participate in:

  • In term Swimming Lessons (through the Department of Education)
  • Faction Swimming Carnival
  • Interschool Swimming Carnival
  • Interschool Lightning Carnival
  • Interschool Cross Country
  • Faction Athletics Carnival – view the Athletics Handbook 2018
  • Interschool Athletics Carnival
  • Whole School Fun Run
  • Upper School Sports (Sailing, Canoeing, Tennis)
  • Running Club

Mr Shaun Mansfield