Travelling to and from school



Parents are requested to drop off/pick up only from the school side of Keane Street. This eliminates the need for children to cross the road and also helps ease congestion of traffic outside the school. The north side of Keane Street is designated NO STOPPING during school opening and closing times. Also, please adhere to all parking restrictions in Johnston Street which is designated NO STOPPING during school opening and closing times. “No Stopping” means that drivers can simply stop to drop off students or collect them if they are waiting there.

The rangers have discretion to allow drivers to get out of their cars, but they should not move away from vehicles by any more than 5 metres. Parking the car and walking into the school will invoke a ticket.

Drop Off Zone

Cottesloe Primary has a drop off zone on the school side of Keane Street. There are yellow markings on the road designating the drop off area. The drop off zone can be used between 8.15 and 8.50 am in the morning as listed on the signposts.

NO PARKING (by law) is permitted in this drop off area during this time. The introduction of this zone has considerably eased the morning congestion, when it is used correctly.

Traffic congestion

It would be appreciated if all children coming from the ocean side of the railway line could be dropped off and picked up at the bridge. There is ample parking space and it has a very positive impact on the congestion around the school.

Please also be aware that the speed limit around the school during school term is 40 km/h, mornings and afternoons. The Traffic authorities regularly check adherence by setting radar cameras.

The staff car park is restricted to Staff AT ALL TIMES. Limited space does not permit the staff car park to be used for pick-ups or drop off. Parents, please do not walk your children through the staff car park.

Parents are requested not to park in the school driveway in Keane Street to ensure access for emergency and delivery vehicles.


Bicycles are recommended only from Year 5 upwards. It is expected that all children wear helmets. Bikes, skateboards and scooters are not to be ridden in the school grounds but can be carried or pushed, for the safety of others.  Bikes and scooters can now be stored in our new bike shed, kindly donated by the graduating Year 6 class 2016.